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Family Friendly Activities

Experiences to make your family vacation memorable for everyone

From the moment you walk through the doors an stand on the balcony overlooking the pool deck, you know that you are ready to have a memorable vacation. You can make that vacation even more memorable for the entire family with the unique family-friendly activities.  S'mores by the fire, eco tours and more await for your enjoyment,

Summer Nights

Sunset, a warm fire at the water's edge and everything you need to make classic s'mores. Reserve one of waterfront chiminea's and enjoy some evening family time. $58


Share with your close one, our selected house wine and a charcuterie plate under a starlit night, make s'mores in the chimenea, and then cuddle under a blanket as you gaze at the night sky. $145

Ocean Kid's Bubble Bath

Splish splash, your kids will love this bath experience. Perfect after a full day of activities or at the beach, the bath concierge will draw and set up this one-of-a-kind kids bubble bath, that includes ocean bath bombs, bubble bath, beach bath toys, ocean creature hooded boy and a bedtime storybook. (Bathing suits required) $85 per experience

Eco Tours

Playa Largo invites you to discover the natural wonders that surround us. The warm waters hugging our shores are home to manatees and countless species of seabirds. Walk on our nature trails, and you're likely to spot iguanas, green and brown anoles, and tree snails. Our grounds are a botanical treasure, with an incredible biodiversity of trees and plants, including the gumbo limbo, saw palmetto, bird of paradise, and many more.
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