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Snorkeling Scuba Diving And Kayak Tours at Key Largo, Florida

Key Largo Watersports - Snorkeling, Scuba Diving, and Kayak Tours

Make a splash in Key Lago with an array of watersports and adventure onsite and around our resort. Go snorkeling at the coral reef, take a guided kayak tour through the island, dive into the deeper waters to explore the marine life, or parasail peacefully over the stunning Florida Bay. Exhilarating aquatic adventures await at Playa Largo, courtesy of Caribbean Watersports - our partner for onsite water activities, like world-class scuba diving, snorkeling, kayaking, swimming with the dolphins, glass-bottomed boat rides, and everglades tours. End your day raising a toast to an adventurous day and to the stunning visuals as the sun sets over this picturesque destination.


The largest and longest of the Florida Keys, Key Largo is a prime spot for swimming, scuba diving, and many other watersports right along the world's third largest coral reef. Get into the warm and shallow (mostly!) waters surrounding the resort and the neighborhood and release all your stress with a good swim in the ocean.


Snorkel along the John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park -- the first undersea park in the United States, or explore the adjacent Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary covering approximately 178 nautical square miles of coral reefs, seagrass beds and mangrove swamps - a colorful moving feast for all the senses.

Scuba Diving

Known as the diving capital of the world, Key Largo is the perfect spot for some fun scuba diving activities. From popular living coral reefs like John Pennekamp and artificial reefs and wrecks to centuries old shipwrecks, Key Largo has everything you'll need for your diving adventure in the beautiful Florida Keys.


Witness the beauty of our ocean view resort perched at the junction of two expansive bodies of water - the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. Kayaking can be conducted in still waters or rivers depending on your liking and mood for the day. The Florida Keys present an idyllic and diverse playground for kayaks and sports enthusiasts.

Paddle Boarding

The storied Keys set the stage for some of the best padding experiences in the world. Paddleboard your way into stunning clear waters, famous mangroves, and island fun at Key Largo. The State Park and neighboring beaches offer plenty of spots to launch your paddleboard and cruise around. Check out our unique kayak tours and rentals to enjoy an added dose of pleasure.


Parasail the Keys and soak in breathtaking views of the Atlantic and Florida Bay! Get one with nature as you enjoy a bird's eye view of swimming tarpon and sea turtles, and views that stretch from the Everglades National Park to the John Pennekamp State Park.


Learn to Sail or advance your sailing in The Florida Keys. Get one with nature as you watch swimming tarpon and sea turtles, and views of the Atlantic and Florida Bay. The amazing eco system in the Key Largo gives you an opportunity to experience unique aquatic adventures and explore the Florida Bay in a variety of ways.


Venture into the deep sea and take a closer look at the marine flora and fauna when you board the Key Largo Princess glass-bottom boat. Explore the exotic underwater world of Molasses Reef as you continue your tour. Cast off, and your adventure in sea mysteries and underwater delicacies awaits.
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